Learn about the updates on the Long Covid Project MotiVeeR UZeLf Project: VR for ICU patients VR

In 2021 the VR4REHAB project acquired a grant in the second call for capitalization provided by Interreg North West Europe, which meant an extension of VR4REHAB´s former work which would focus on creating innovative VR solutions for Covid-19 rehabilitation and ‘Long Covid’

After a Hackathon week and a Dev Jam period MotiVeeR UZeLf came out as one of the 3 winning projects, developed by the Belgian University Hospital of the University of Leuven, and directed by Eline Haghedooren. Supported by some of the best specialists in the sector, Improvive, InmotionVR, and In4Care, MotiVeeR UZeLf has managed to achieve significant developments.

Physical Therapist Eline Haghedooren answers some questions to give us an update on the team and project experiences. Read More 

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