Meet VR4REHAB Partners: EuroVR

EuroVR is one of the partners of the VR4Rehab Interreg NWE project.

EuroVR Association is an umbrella organization gathering not only individuals but also national chapters and associations, large companies, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as research institutions, universities, and laboratories. All of them with a keen interest in all the XR technologies (i.e Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality).

EuroVR is a European Association with more than 10 years of experience which provides a network for all those interested in VR/AR/MR to meet, discuss, and promote all topics related to XR technologies. Establishing connections with National Associations and Chapters in relevant fields, promoting research excellence as well as support the creation of new national Chapters in other countries.

“We create high quality network to connect thousands of professionals.”

One of the potential applications sectors of XR technologies is the Healthcare and Wellbeing, the EuroVR goal is to create an International Network that can establish a virtuous circle of collaborations to improve, specifically, health and well-being through interactive technologies.

All the EuroVR participants have the opportunity to gather together once a year and strengthen their connections during the annual Conference.

The focus of the EuroVR conference is to present novel Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies, including software systems, display technologies, interaction devices, and applications. Encouraging engagement between industry, academia, and the public sector and promoting the development of VR & AR in new, emerging, and existing fields.

This year the 17th EuroVR annual event will take place from the 25th to 27th November in The Immersive Neurotechnologies Lab (LabLENI) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), a hub which connects research, leading businesses & innovative thinkers.

Healthcare & Wellbeing represent among the main promising sectors for XR technologies where the knowledge and expertise of EuroVR members could bring lots of benefits to clinical and rehabilitation procedures and protocols and finally to all patients.

VR4Rehab project means for EuroVR the possibility to support new stakeholders (both clinics as well as start-ups) in the XR fields.


Marco Sacco

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