Meet VR4REHAB Partners: Sint Maartenskliniek

Sint Maartenskliniek is Lead Partner of the VR4REHAB Interreg project. The Sint Maartenskliniek is all about human movement. Founded in 1936 by the congregation of the Choorstraat, is now a leader in the treatment of disorders in posture and movement, in the Netherlands and Europe, with a team of experienced practitioners.


Knowledge and experience

The knowledge and experience are very large and specialized, because doctors, nurses, and therapists always treat patients with the same type of orthopedic disorders, rheumatic diseases, and rehabilitation after illness or an accident.


“A chronic illness or congenital condition turns your life upside down. We help you take these steps in the Rehabilitation Center of the Sint Maartenskliniek. Not only physically, but also mentally.”

Adults and children

In the rehabilitation center in Nijmegen, adults rehabilitate after an accident, a spinal cord injury, a leg, or arm amputation. People with congenital or non-congenital brain disease or nerve and muscle diseases can also visit our Rehabilitation Center. We also have rehabilitation programs for people with chronic pain and people with an orthopedic condition. We have placed all care and diagnostics in the field of walking problems in our Loop Expertise Center. In child rehabilitation, toddlers and children with a disorder of the postural and movement system or the nervous system rehabilitate.


The Sint Maartenskliniek joint the VR4REHAB project because we believe in innovation. We are keen on translating ideas from practice into new VR solutions that support our patients. Rehabilitation has large effects on people’s lives. Therefore, we are happy to be part of the VR4REHAB consortium to share and connect with universities, game designers, and other hospitals to cross-fertilize our knowledge and build a new future together.



Remco Hoogendijk

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