The VR4REHAB Association is born

A new goal has been achieved!

We are pleased to announce that after many months of work the VR4REHAB association has finally become a reality.
Today Remco Hoogendijk and Silvia De Bruin officially signed the documents.

A new goal has been added to the interreg-supported project, which started back in 2017 with the aim of creating VR and AR solutions for rehabilitation. Since then, many steps have been taken, the project has adapted to the covid era by working on XR solutions also for the rehabilitation of covid and long covid patients and the Team has even organised a conference in the middle of the pandemic, all virtual, which was quite successful and attracted the attention of personalities worldwide.

Remco Hoogendijk says: We are looking forward to our first big event in attendance, on 23-24 June, the Conference “It’s the patient, stupid!” where we will publicly announce the birth of this important association. We want to be a reference point for all professionals in the XR and rehabilitation world and be able to provide them with an active network and the right support” 

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