User confrontation session with the team "Crystal Ball"

On July 1st, 2019, VR4REHAB coaches Joost and Manon (GSL) met the team Crystal Ball for the first User confrontation. A dedicated session to help the group with preparing and executing the challenge phase.


After the kick-off meeting, the teams participating in the project started their journey towards the last phase of the project: the challenges.
To support their activities, the VR4REHAB coaches introduced the user confrontation as an important moment to collect feedback from the users, and make sure the concept and prototypes developed by the participants are ready for clinical validation.


On July 1st, Joost and Manon went to the St. Mauritius Therapieklinik in Meerbusch (D) to meet the Crystal Ball team, one of the winners of the German Hackathon held the last September at the clinic.
During the User confrontation session, participants and coaches worked together to refine both the concept and prototype developed by the group and to establish the next steps to be accomplished before the next session.
We hope Crystal Ball can present the first results at the Games for Health conference in October!

Next up are VR travelers: at the beginning of August the coaches Joost and Manon will travel again to Germany to help them sharpen their concept and prototype.

Stay tuned!

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