VR4REHAB announces a new project: VR for Covid Rehab!

We are pleased to announce that VR4REHAB is the winner of the Interreg 2nd Call for Capitalisation.

25 projects were approved after the Monitoring Committee meeting on 24 March 2021. The second call was open to all NWE projects from calls 1 to 9 and included both running and closed NWE approved projects from all three priorities. The call was organised in the framework of the program’s capitalisation strategy, which comprises the development of various tools and activities aiming to maximise the impact of project results.

VR for COVID Rehab

From March 2021 to March 2023 the VR4REHAB project is extended to take its innovative turn towards VR for Covid-19 rehabilitation.

Virtual and Augmented Reality and AR can help optimizing rehabilitation protocols, accelerating patients’ recovery, promoting treatment adherence, and easing reintegration into daily life.

“We have seen the benefits of virtual reality applied to rehabilitation during the first phase of the project now we look forward to applying it to help patients who have suffered from COVID-19.”

VR4REHAB offers a solution for better and personalized healthcare, through the co-creation of Virtual Reality-based rehabilitation tools.


Project Partners

To our team, which had already taken part in the first phase of the project, two new members have been added, the University College Cork and In4Care.

The VR4REHAB consortium now consists of:

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