European Water Tech Week 2022

Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

19 September 2022 - 22 September 2022

Tuesday 20th of September 15:30 - 17:00 

Title: Overcoming barriers for effective innovation ​

Summary:  Find out about the Water Test Network project and how it delivered innovation into the water sector. How an international network of testing facilities and demo sites has been created and what has been the impact for the SMEs that participated to bring their innovations one step closer to the marketplace. The event is hosted by the Water Test Network partners and it will present the outputs achieved over the last 4 years and how the network will continue in the future.​


  1. Overview of innovation support
    1. Role of innovation testing support in Europe, the importance of Demos and test facilities and how policies are crucial to innovation (Elisabeth Rekker, Province of Friesland)  
    2. The example of Water Test Network (Ruth McNeil, Scottish Water)
  1. Success cases of SMEs in the test sites: Pitch-mode presentations

Each pitch lasts a maximum of 5 min, after them they will have a 5 min Q&A (Host, Jelmer Hobma Water Alliance) 


  1. Continuation and opportunities

Wrap up and presentation of the continuation of the Network (Ruth McNeil, Scottish Water)


Discover the programme and register here:

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