Current application status

The Water Test Network is now up and running for more than one year. In the last couple of weeks the project partners promoted the project and its services in their networks and at several national and international events. Furthermore, the innovation chasers of the project have had several talks with a lot of SMEs. Up till now the project received 59 applications of which 11 are approved and 5 companies are already on site doing tests. At the moment the project is working on the other applications so new approved projects can be expected soon. Please see the descriptions below for some examples of companies and innovative tests which are (or will) taking place:

• Greenskills
Phosphorous removal from final effluent using microalgae. Using the facility for trialling up-scaled pilot plant, process optimization and performance testing of the system with respect to remediation efficiency. Total trial duration 17 weeks.

• Microvi
Providing consistently high removal rates for TBOD and ammonia in primary settled influent using novel biocatalytic composites (biocatalysts) that intensify biological processes. Using the test facility to establish critical engineering / process design parameters to establish the application performance boundaries.Total trial duration 20 weeks.

• Clean Water Wave
The Clean Aqua For Everyone (CAFE) is an innovative low pressure water treatment system using a AFM activated filter media . The second trial at BoNess is using the test facility to formally verify the performance of the CAFE filter under ETV ( Environmental Technology Verification) as a tertiary wastewater treatment process for removal of multiple parameters from the final effluent. Total trial duration 12 weeks.

Bio-cage #2 is a sludge thickening system aimed at improving sludge thickening at medium to large size sites with minimal power and chemical requirements. Trial to prove and quantify the performance of the Bio-cage #2 and further develop the product within an operational test environment.

• Water Future
Ion-selective removal of sodium from waste water through an electrically driven process. Valuable nutrients remain in the water for reuse. Water Future wants to demonstrate that zero emission of water and fertilizers is achievable with this technology.


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