Partner in the limelight: TZW

TZW: DVGW-Technologiezentrum Wasser (German Water Centre) is part of DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) and as such a non-profit and independent institution. TZW’s comprehensive research activities and practical experience form the basis of solutions and concepts for all areas of national and international water management issues. These range from resource protection to water catchment and treatment to the water supplying consumers' taps. About 200 highly qualified staff members cooperate closely with water utilities, companies, expert authorities, and universities. TZW supplies reliable figures, data and facts, and creates solutions for a sustainable water supply.TZW is part of the Water Test Network as a German test institute. 

Beate Hambsch, at TZW responsible for drinking water microbiology and since many years contributing to EU-funded projects (for instance WEKNOW, TECHNEAU, AQUAVALENS) is within WTN the relevant innovation chaser for German SMEs.

Moreover, SMEs from other countries in the NWE-region with innovative water products are welcome to use the special accessibilities of TZW’s demo-site like accredited laboratory facilities and specialized test site possibilities. These include the demonstration site for drinking water, ground water as well as dosing possibilities for chemicals and microorganisms. Treated water after flocculation, sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, membrane filtration processes and disinfection processes like chlorination, ozonation and UV-treatment can be simulated.

The demonstration site as well as the laboratory facility is situated at TZW’s main department in Karlsruhe in the South West of Germany, near the river Rhine. The laboratory capacity includes all drinking water analyses accredited according ISO 17025 as well as newly developed analytical techniques in the chemical and microbiological sector, including for instance micro plastics, flow cytometry, PCR-techniques, FISH-techniques, AOC-analyses, and MALDI-TOF.



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