Update re. operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our number one priority is to keep our colleagues and collaborators safe.  While we all accept there is disruption to business as usual, the Water Test Network remains committed to continuing to support companies through these challenging times, wherever possible.

The application process for Innovation Support Vouchers remains open and our Innovation Chasers remain available to answer your questions and queries.  Some of our testing facilities will be limiting testing during this period therefore please bear with us if there are delays as we are dealing with an uncertain situation. 

If there is anything you wish to discuss, or you have any questions for us at all, do contact the Innovation Chaser in your area or contact the project email address: WaterTestNetwork@scottishwater.co.uk

You can keep up to date with the Water Test Network through our:

Twitter: twitter.com/WaterNetwork_EU

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/watertestnetwork/

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