Water & monitoring webinar

Building on the interest of our wastewater webinar, we would like to invite you to our latest (free) webinar. The theme of this webinar is water and monitoring.  Water is life,  so the monitoring of it, (either from the drinking or effluent of treated/cleaned waters) is crucial to ensure the safety and assess the impact that it will have on human health and in the environment.

Getting the right tools to measure specific parameters will give you the crucial insights on the performance of the plant. This in turn will allow you to prevent problems with the water quality discharged into our rivers or with the safety of drinking water. To this end the Water Test Network is showcasing innovative tech to monitor water microorganism, organics or inorganic content in the water.  

For those new to the Water Test Network, you will  also get a chance to know more about the WTN, how we can support SMEs with their innovations

You can register here.

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