Biobased products from sewage - Aquarama Trade Fair 2021

Leuven - Belgium

30 September 2021 - 30 September 2021

Have you always wondered what biobased products can be made out of sewage? Your senses will be stimulated at our presentation during the Aquarama trade fair on the 30th of September in Leuven.

We explain more about how we work together with business partners to extract valuable raw materials from sewage. For this we use several innovative approaches and techniques to create bio-char, bio-oil, bioplastics, biodiesel and more. Register now and hear more about the latest results of the WOW! pilots and view the biobased products. Besides the WOW! story we have a special guest from Aquafin who gives us a look inside the overall developments in recovery of raw materials from sludge. During this interactive session we can answer all of your questions and we also look forward to learn from your expertise and experience. After the session you are invited for a chat and a drink at the WOW! stand.




Introduction: the circular use of raw materials from sewage
Silvia Venditti – University of Luxembourg


Developments in the recovery of raw materials from sludge/wastewater
By Francis Meerburg - Aquafin


Production of 5 valuable bioproducts from sewage: results from three innovative pilot projects

By Mark Lacroix - Pulsed Heat, Silvia Venditti – University of Luxembourg, Amélie Raingue – Natureplast




End of session – drinks at the WOW! stand

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