EU Greenweek - Lipids from wastewater for biodiesel production


10 June 2021

Turning a problem into an opportunity:
Targeted accumulation of lipids from wastewater for biodiesel production.

Lipids in influent wastewater are usually defined as a problem, causing operational issues for Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) operator. The pilot plant in Audun-le-Tiche – operated within the WOW!-project by University of Luxembourg in cooperation with SIVOM de l`Alzette and REMONDIS Aqua - is focusing on the targeted recovery of lipids present in sewage water, which can be further refined to biodiesel.

Lab-scale experiments showed already the potential of lipid accumulation by a type of filamentous bacteria, present in most of treatment plants. Based on the lab experience, a pilot plant has been designed to reproduce favourable conditions for the growth of these lipid-accumulating bacteria and its lipid accumulation.
Then the Lipid-rich sludge will be harvested and delivered to REMONDIS Aqua for further characterization and biodiesel production.
During this webinar we will tell you all about the proces and our results. 

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General introduction: Lipids in wastewater and causing problems, growth of filamentous, lipid-accumulation bacteria

Short description of STP Audun-le-Tiche

Description of favourable conditions for growth of lipid-accumulating bacteria and lipid assimilation

Implementing lesson learned in a pilot plant

A digital walk through the pilot-plant with explanation of main stages

Q&A session
End of the meeting 

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