EU Green Week - Production of bioplastics from sewage sludge


7 June 2021

A pilot plant for Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) bioplastics production is operated at the STP Wuppertal-Buchenhofen. The organic carbon from primary sludge is converted within a two-step biological process to PHA which can be used for further bioplastics production.

The challenge is to reach a stable PHA-yield and -composition even under varying conditions of a STP, e.g. different composition of the primary sludge, variations of the bacterial community and different temperatures over the year.

During the technical online visit you will receive an introduction to the  project WOW!, the PHA production process with first results and the STP Wuppertal-Buchenhofen. 

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Welcome and introduction to WOW! project and the PHA production

14:20h Virtual visit of the STP Wuppertal-Buchenhofen and the PHA pilot plant

Time for discussion 


End of the meeting 

WOW! is organizing 5 events during the EU Green Week!

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