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Being the acronym of Cable Life Cycle Assurance, CaLiCyA is specialised in the engineering and the monitoring of power cable over the whole life cycle of the cables, from design phase to installation and operation. For the AFLOWT project, we provide dedicated monitoring for the subsea power cable and assistance on the design and specification of the cable.

CaLiCyA is a service company born from the collaboration of two expert companies: KRAKEN SUBSEA SOLUTIONS and FEBUS OPTICS. Each owning 50%.

Kraken Subsea Solutions Kraken Subsea Solutions is a French engineering company, part of Aventa Group, (specialized in Offshore and Deepwater sectors). KSS teams are expert for the execution of complex Offshore projects, design studies and innovative submarine installation works. KSS mainly focus is Marine Renewable Energy infrastructures and has developed expert skills on subsea power cable engineering and design.

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FEBUS Optics is a world class reference in distributed fiber sensing system and solution. FEBUS brings a new generation of optical fiber based sensor system to the market, in particular for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures. The patented technology uses state of the art optical physics to measure temperature, strain and acoustics of a structure or soil over tens of kilometres. Robust and easy to use, FEBUS Optics devices are fully “plug and work”. A test centre CESG of 2500 m² allows to perform custom tests and demonstrations in controlled site conditions.

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  • CONSULTANCY AND OWNER ENGINEERING We participate in the definition of strategic targets, functional and technical needs, identification of major risks and obstacles throughout the project stages.
  • PROJECT AND OPERATION SUPPORT We support our clients in their project development and planning by supplying highly skilled engineers and supervisors whether office based or on site (Onshore or Offshore).
  • R & D We bear innovation in our DNA. Each day, our teams imagine and develop new installation methods, and new tools that will bring better operational efficiency, on-target project completion and optimized costs.


Transportation, transpooling and deployment phases are critical for umbilical and power cables. Most issues find their origin during those phases. CaLiCyA brings this innovative integrity monitoring along with many other distributed fiber sensing solutions for power cables to ensures robust monitoring through real time, continuous and distributed measurement. CaLiCyA can provide and deploy the following solutions:

  • Temperature profile and Hot Spot detection
  • RTTR solutions
  • Fault detection and localisation / Shock detection
  • Freespan/suspension zone and Movement detection of static cable
  • Depth of burial and partial discharge detection (development ongoing)


We own the first portable and autonomous Brillouin equipment in the world and the FEBUS G1-C.


CaLiCyA will supply and install innovative monitoring systems for the integrity surveillance of the subsea power cable (dynamic and export part). The collected data will be remote controlled and analysed. CaLiCyA also provide engineering assistance on power cable specifications, routing and design.

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