AFLOWT - Accelerating market uptake of FLoating Offshore Wind Technology

Project Summary

 The EC recently ratified a target of 27% of renewable energy by 2030, in association with a target of 40% carbon reduction.  NWE needs to decarbonise its energy system.  Wind energy is currently the most mature & cost-effective means of renewable energy generation, however land space and access to shallow offshore site (less than 50m water depth) are limited; space for future deployments is a major issue for further increasing wind generation capacity. 

Wide spread market uptake of wind energy in deep water sites requires 4 elements;
- Demonstration of high survivability cost competitive Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) technology
- Raise awareness with and provide confidence to investors and project developers regarding technology investability
- Creation of supportive policy environment
- Develop an active supply chain

Demonstrate the investability with at least 20 investors & project developers to raise awareness and promote the uptake of FOW.
Creation of a shared political and industry vision for the development of FOW across the entire NWE region.  Currently there is no shared vision.
Publication of a NWE FOW Development Plan to coordinate a change in private sector perception of floating offshore wind investability, whilst also creating supportive policy and an active supply chain across the NWE region. 


Belmullet Energy Event

25-09-2019 – Belmullet

Belmullet Energy Event Read more

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SEAI Request for Tender Published

Posted on 29-07-2019

SEAI has published a Request for Tender for the provision of Environmental Surveying Services for the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS), Co Mayo Read more

€31m project secured for floating wind project in North West Europe

Posted on 20-03-2019

A €31 million project has been approved for an ambitious four-year floating offshore wind project. Subject to consenting, it is planned that a full-scale floating wind turbine be d... Read more

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Innovation tour

Posted on

On June 29th and 30th the Interreg AFLOWT (Accelerating market uptake of FLoating Offshore Wind Technology) and MEA (Marine Energy Alliance) projects joined together for an Innovation Tour. Organised by Ecole Central Nantes the event included a thoughtful crossover of projects, people, and a site visit to a floating offshore wind turbine. Read More


Project outputs

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