Belgian pilot at Innolab, Oostkamp- at third webinar of ALG-AD project

The latest webinar welcomed Marcella Fernandes De Souza, from Ghent University, to explain the set up at Innolab, Belgium, and the increasingly impressive results obtained at this investment growing a microalgal consortium on digestate.

Marcella explained the paper filtration process applied at the Belgian ALG-AD pilot, and how this process could be scalable at the bigger set-up, as well as the dilution and batch feeding approaches. The team also shared results obtained from both the horizontal and vertical photobioreactors, as well as plans for further optimising plant operation, productivity and environmental footprint over the coming months.

Marcella’s talk was followed by a company overview and presentation from Marieke Vanthoor at LGem / Synalgae on the photobioreactor technology available, and the exploratory work taking place in the LGem Algaehub (the Netherlands), alongside industrial partners.

The webinar will be available on our YouTube channel soon, and we hope you will join us for the next webinar, planned for the 8th of April 2-3pm CET, 1-2pm UK time, in which Luc Chauchat and Denis De la Broise will present the results from the French ALG-AD pilot site and the company BIOREA will talk about heterotrophic cultivation of microalgae

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