BioBase4SME project funding comes to an end

The BioBase4SME project focussed on Start-ups and SME to overcome technological and non-technological barriers to bring their innovation to the market within 3.5 years and a total budget of about 5.83M€. BioBase4SME enabled knowledge flows between professional support services and entrepreneurs from NW Europe that lead to a strong, interregional network in the last three years.


The project advanced in line with the objectives and planned result of providing Bio-Innovation Support for Entrepreneurs throughout NWE regions, Regional and public authorities and SMEs were key and have been successfully reached.


Some of the key unexpected outcomes were:

1) The project has reached out to a larger number of higher education and research institutes than initially planned given interest from them. Surely also due to the participation in the Global Biobased Businessplan Competition (G-BIB) between youngest entrepreneurs of students teams in Belgium and Germany. The finals of this competition will still take place on the4th September in Duesseldorf together with the CLIB Networking Day. More information and registration.

2) BioBase4SME have also overreached the target number set for the general public, thanks to the very active participation in Twitter @biobase4sme and LinkedIn activities from partners more than > 1500 followers could be reached.

3) Support of BioVoice (Boosting BioBased Business) was initiated: ongoing initiative by REWIN in which the BioBase4SME network will be used to scout companies from NWE for challenges with biobased solutions. A first run took place 2019 in the Netherlands and should be broaden up so the reach towards SMEs in the NWE area will be bigger


Stay tuned for the Project Strategy and Impact Report that will be released soon!


The progress made in the follower region of Ireland is positive.

Progress has been made in developing the sector in the region thus contributing to the reduction of economic disparities in biotechnology and especially bioenergy topics.

With the contribution of this project (Part of the machinery installed in the pre-pilot plant was paid by the project), distinct parts of the pre-pilot plant for anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis were brought together under one roof on the site of Premier Green Energy and management of tcbbResource.



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