SME Event (June, 9th) in Paris

Paris (France)

9 June 2022 - 9 June 2022

The event provided insights on the project and the certification, round tables on the involvement of people with dementia and their expectations towards technological products, and a workshop on the open access tool for SMEs.


On Thursday, June 9, SeniorAdom welcomed the project partners and the invited companies. Marcus Sauer (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik mbH), responsible for the GGT training, as well as the project manager Daniel Zerweck (Alexian Research Center Krefeld) presented general and specific information about the certification process to the companies and Francesca Toso (TU/e Eindhoven) organized and guided through a moderated workshop session. We also had the chance to welcome Isabelle Pottier representing EEN (Enterprise Europe Network France) to present the network and the resources available for companies to help them innovate, find partners in the health cluster.

Agenda :

14.00 Welcome by SeniorAdom (Xavier Corbin, SeniorAdom)

14.15 Welcome by and introduction to Certification-D (Daniel Zerweck, Alexian Research Center Krefeld of the Alexian Krefeld GmbH)

14.20 Certification – what is in it for your company? (Marcus Sauer, GGT German Society for Gerontechnology)

14.40 How can People with Dementia be an important part in your business?

Input and thoughts by project partner companies

Solène Lioult (SeniorAdom, Paris)

Guido Gabriel (Climax Deutschland GmbH, Köln/Cologne)

14.50 Workshop Dementia Friendly Guidelines – Open access tool for SME (Francesca Toso, University of Technology Eindhoven) - with15 participants max

15.40 Learning from each other – exchange between the guests and the speakers in small groups

16.00 What do People with Dementia expect from supporting products?

16.15 Promoting innovation of products for People with Dementia. Support and funding opportunities (EEN France)

16.30 How can we strengthen business through product improvement and internationalisation? Let’s talk in small groups!

17.00 Reception/drink

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