Biological Samples in Biobanks – Types, Quality, Management and Gains for your Business/Research

Get an overview of the role of Biobanks managing biospecimens to improve biomarker development, presented by the Biobank of Graz


Please find here a recording of the online seminar:

Biobanks play a key role in finding biomarkers that help to improve healthcare by adopting personalized medicine. During this webinar, you will learn about the types of samples that biobanks store and some analyzing methods, stages of sample processing, factors influencing the sample quality on the different stages, management of these samples by biobanks and the benefits you get of using these samples from a Biobank


PABLO ZARDOYA LAGUARDIA studied Biomedical Sciences in Spain, worked as a researcher in Pharmacology in the UK and finished his PhD in Reproductiv e Biology at the Medical University of Graz (Austria). Additionally, he worked as an assistant policy officer at the European Commission in Health and Food Safety and as product manager for precision devices back in Austria . Since November 2020, he is project manager at the Biobank Graz.


You will learn and hear about:

  • Types of samples stored by Biobanks
  • Some methods to analyze the samples
  • Factors involved in samples quality and results obtained
  • Sample management
  • Benefits for your business/research

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