Next step: Co-creation workshop at Zwolle and Würzburg

With all the information gathered from the survey and the expert interviews we have now sketched out our toolkit which is comprising of several tools which will enable to increase the uptake of recyclate.
We offer two co-creation workshops in the coming month to refine the tools of the toolkit and the pilot strategy in order to insure that the toolkit meets the industry’s needs and to involve potential industry partners for the pilots and the uptake acceleration programme.

The English workshop will be taking place on Tuesday September 17th in Zwolle (NL),

the German workshop will be taking place on Thursday September 26th in Würuburg (D).

Industry partners are invited to contribute their particular view and their vision what would be needed to enhance their production. Contact us if you would like to participate, share your view! Identify how you could get involved in our pilot programme and how you could increase your uptake in recycled materials through participating in this project!

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