Nomination of support team (uptake managers) to assist companies to increas rPM

The main task of the uptake managers is to actively support companies to increase rPM uptake on a regional level in North West Europe. They will act as a direct link to companies for validation, training and support and will help to apply the toolkits which are currently under development.

The first six uptake managers to support the targeted 90 companies in north west europe (NWE) have been nominated out of the Di-Plast project consortium.

  • Joa Bauer (Umwelttechnik BW)

  • Florian Sorg (Umwelttechnik BW)

  • Martine Bonnema (PSP)

  • Martijn Kerssen (Oost NL)

  • Daniela Eckert (SKZ)

  • Jeff Mangers (Uni. Lux)


This outreach is planned to grow in order to lead to more and lasting support and uptake.

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