The final activity report

This book was produced by the partners to mark the end of the project. It not only presents all the deliverables produced, but also looks back at the development of this international collaboration for the benefit of reuse.

You will also find a summary of the figures, as well as a presentation of the various stakeholders involved and the methods used to facilitate their involvement.


5 year of collaboration efforts to promote reuse : what we've learned, what remains to be done 

  • Starting from an existing sector
  • Recovering and reusing materials
  • A structural framework to support reuse

The odyssey of the projet : a unique form of international cooperation 

  • The origins
  • The partners
  • Associated partners
  • The resellers
  • Pilot associates
  • Fleet management 

The project in figures
What has changed five years later? 

+ The book also includes two posters:

1. Welcome to the FCRBE office
Allows you to see at a single glance (or almost at a glance) all the work carried out during the project.

2. Welcome to reuse city
Our little urban fiction where reuse is hidden everywhere in the city and elsewhere. 

The final activity report

A document to help you understand and find your way around the project and its many results.


Le rapport d'activité final

Un document pour comprendre le projet et y trouver son chemin à travers les nombreux livrables et résultats.


Welcome to the FCRBE office

After 5 years of research, we let you discover what an office could look like that condenses all the work done!


Welcome to reuse city

We invite you to close your eyes and imagine what a city made from reused materials might look like...Does it sound complicated, unaffordable or unreliable ? Let us show you what it could look like!


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