Transition Roadmap for the Parkstad Limburg region

The city of Heerlen initiated the Mijnwater project in 2002, until it became the Mijnwater company in 2012. Since then the company has continuously been expanding its innovative 5th generation district heating and cooling grid in Heerlen. But the ambition of Mjnwater is to contribute to achieve climate neutrality for the whole Parkstad Region and even beyond.

In this transition roadmap, you will get an explanation of the 5th generation district heating and cooling concept. In Heerlen, Mijnwater uses flooded coal mines to store energy, making use of geothermal energy. It is particularly relevant as the Parkstad region has an important geothermal potential, thus Mijnwater is a cornerstone of the PArkstad Limburg Energy Transition (PALET) plan.

To successfully move forward in its development, Mijnwater has already a number of short-term projects in preparation, such as in Brunssum but also a long-term vision. To drive them during this long-term journey towards the climate neutrality of the building sector, the company highlights the important parameters to have in mind:

  • Government must lead
  • Institutionalisation of the long-term goals is key
  • Build long-term relationships
  • Get the timing right
  • Don't be afraid to replicate at smaller scale
  • Develop standards
  • Have clear values for the long term.

Do you want to know how they apply these principles? Download the full roadmap by using the link below!


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