Bielefeld hackathon: after these two days of intensive work, we have our winners!


30 October 2021 - 30 October 2021

If you’ve missed our Debrief of Day 1, you can read it here.

The second day of IT4Anxiety’s second hackathon started at 9AM this morning with intensive work for our participants. Indeed, they had the opportunity to join the five proposed workshops on the following topics:

  • “Relationship building in the nursing hustle and bustle” moderated by Melissa Wiens, nurse in psychiatry
  • “Resource activation from the patient’s point of view” moderated by Shalliena Mitev, patient representative
  • “Problem actualisation in the treatment” moderated by Hannah Minten, Svenja Singenstroth and Viktoria Solovina, all psychotherapists
  • “Motivational clarification” moderated by Hannah Minten, Svenja Singenstroth and Viktoria Solovina, all psychotherapists
  • “Active help for problem solving” moderated by Michael Kricker, neurologist

These workshops were the occasion for the start-ups to meet with mental health users, care providers and mental health professionals to discuss further about their projects and to gather their feedback on their solutions.

After a short lunch break, the start-ups had some working time to finetuned their pitches based on the discussions with the mental health users, care providers and mental health professionals and based on the gathered feedback.

It was then the time for our jury members to come into play. They shortly introduced themselves. The jury was composed of the following 5 members:

  • Martin Driessen, Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, EvKB in Bielefeld
  • Dirk Hamann, Patient Representative
  • Frank Neuner, Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Bielefeld University
  • Bassam Mokbel, Chief Data Scientist at Semalytix
  • Karla Munoz Esquivel, Research Associate in Anxiety Technologies at Ulster University

The jury members were invited to listen to the 8 start-ups pitching their solutions with an improved presentation thanks to the work done during the hackathon. The pitch session started with the presentation of Digimenz, followed by the presentation of Between The Lines, Mobile Brain Lab, minime, WellBe, Robomantic, Elona and finally

While the jury was deliberating on the winning teams of this second hackathon, the audience had the privilege to listen to a keynote provided by Martina Bertino, Psycholog. Psychotherapist at the EvKB Bielefeld on “RADIUS – a blended treatment – from inpatient to outpatient setting”. It provided the participants with valuable information on the effectiveness of blended-treatment and on the RADIUS project which started in 2015 and initially was created to threat addiction and then enlarged its action to help juveniles and people suffering from PTSD.

“Blended-treatment is as valuable as face-to-face-treatment” Martina Bertino, Psycholog. Psychotherapist

Finally, it was time for the moment we all have been waiting for: the announcement of the winning teams!

Our winners of this second IT4Anxiety Hackathon are:

  • 1st winner: Minime
  • 2nd winner: Digimenz

Congratulations to all teams for these great pitches and particularly to Minime and Digimenz for winning the hackathon!

The first prize includes 1500€ and an initial pilot study to be conducted at the EvKB Bielefeld to validate and further investigate their solution whereas the second winner had the chance to get 1500€ to develop their project!

The Hackathon finished on a lyrical note with great music played by Nils Rabente on the piano. Finally, all participants had the opportunity to network in a more relaxed ambiance around a virtual get together drink!

For those already nostalgic, and for those who missed the event, be sure to register to our newsletter and to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter so you will never again miss information on our next Hackathons! We already know that our next Hackathon will take place on the 19th and 20th of January 2022 in Lille, France. Stay tuned!

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