First ITEG webinar recording released

On 19 October 2021, the ITEG consortium held the first webinar as part of a 4 part ITEG webinar series called "The Importance of Tidal Energy in a Clean Hydrogen Economy". 

In this first webinar, speakers discussed the important contribution that tidal energy can bring to achieving global carbon emission reduction targets.

Invited speakers included ITEG consortium members Orbital Marine Power and EMEC as well as HyEnergy Consulting and HydroWing. Speakers discussed the latest tidal innovations under development and how integration with hydrogen production could open up new market opportunities for the ocean energy sector.

The webinar was moderated by consortium member, Smart Hydrogen Consulting and also shared insight from the ITEG project, reporting on the latest progress. 

Keep an eye out for details on the next ITEG webinar which will take place in February 2022. 

View the ITEG webinar recording here.

ITEG Webinar Series | Part 1: The Importance of Tidal Energy in a Clean Hydrogen Economy

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