NWE Chance project interview with students from the Master of European and International Studies - University of Lille

During NEW Impact event, a group of students from the Master of European and International Studies of the University of Lille have selected NWE-Chance as the most impressive Interreg NWE project.

On this occasion, Mrs Alena Bogdanova, currently student at the school, has interviewed project coordinator Astrid van der Velde on the project activities and outlooks.

Find here below Mrs Bogdanova insightful remaks following the interview.

 “As a MEA student, I had a chance to interview the representatives of the projects co-funded by the Interreg North-West Europe. Throughout the discussions, I came up with a formula that helped me to determine my interest in a project and make a personal assessment of its success. The variables for this formula can be presented in a form of questions. Firstly, does a project solve an acute social problem? Secondly, does it contribute to the development of a society or maybe the world as a whole? Finally, the most subjective criterion: does a project respond to my personal experience or even a value system? Obviously, as a student, I was also deeply impressed to see how passionately the representatives introduced their projects and explained a sophisticated concept to non-prepared listeners, which positively affected my project’s perception. The NWE-Chance project met all up-mentioned criteria and encouraged me to follow the project’s progress even after the interview.”

To read the full interview text, download the attached document below.

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