Second meeting of the Advisory board of NWE – REGENERATIS project on 4 october 2022 !

The second meeting of the Advisory board gathered 17 attendees in-person and 6 online. During the meeting, the main project achievements were presented, as follows:


  • REMICRRAM – a methodology for resource recovery from Past Metallurgical Sites and Deposits (PMSD) and SMART PHOENIX - quick screening software to evaluate the valorization potential of a PMSD for the recovery of materials, metals, soil and land – SPAQUE
  • MESIS – a harmonized inventory structure of PMSD – ATRASOL
  • SMARTIX - a Decision Support Tool (DST) based on artificial intelligence and algorithms to choose the best valorization options for materials and metals present on site – Technische Hochschule Köln and IXSANE
  • Teesside site (pilot site in UK): chemical and biological metal recovery – Cranfield University
  • Open Access Platform for stimulating the market for recovery of materials from PMSD – ATRASOL
  • The input of the geophysics for the NWE-REGENERATIS methodology and focus on Campine site – University of Liège and OVAM

The day ended with a visit of Campine site and the recycling facilities


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