Community Land Trust Case Studies

Please find here the consolidated report of ten case studies demonstrating the variety of CLT models in Europe.


Bellow you can access the individual case studies. [+] To know more about our movement: check out our European CLT Guide (ENG/FR/DE/NL)

Community Land Trust Brussels

Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) is the pioneer of the CLT model on the European continent. Since its creation in 2012, CLTB has delivered 9 homes and is currently in the process of developing another 120 housing units. Future residents and neighbours participate in planning and are represented on the Board, together with representatives from the government of the Brussels Capital Region. CLTB is recognised as a social housing partner in the Brussels Housing Bill, and has strong ties with the Brussels Region. In 2017, CLTB received two important national awards, recognising its innovativeness in the field of housing.

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London CLT

London CLT was born out of the community organising efforts of Citizens UK – the national home of community organising – in response to the need for genuinely affordable homes in the capital. We remain rooted in the principles of community organising. However, London CLT is an independent organisation that is governed by its own members.

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Community Land Trust Ghent


                                                                          Click here to see case study


Authored by Lille de Ville. City of Lille is the lead Partner of the SHICC project. Contact:

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Dumfries And Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust

Authored by Dumfries and Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust. For more information:

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Self Organised Architecture (SOA Research CLG)

A broad aim of SOA Research CLG (Self Organised Architecture) is to reorientate the discourse and public mindset towards authentic qualitative, rather than merely quantitative, possibilities and show how these might be achieved, in particular through selforganised and community led development.

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Stadtbodenstiftung (CLT Berlin)

Stadtbodenstiftung will be a German non-profit, civil society foundation (Burgerstiftung) inspired by the CLT model. The primary aim is to stop speculative marketing and provide long term (99 year) leases to common good initiatives which manage affordable housing and other socially useful projects.

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CLT Bijlmer & CLT H-Buurt

In 2018, a coalition of actors from the social innovation sector gathered in Amsterdam to explore the viability of implementing the Community Land Trust (CLT) model there through design thinking and action-led research. They focused on Bijlmer (shortened from Bijlmermeer), a modernist district to the south-east of Amsterdam populated by high-rise social housing.

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Truro CLT

Truro CLT aims to build quality, genuinely affordable homes for rent in the Parish of Kenwyn and the City of Truro for low-income workers who can’t afford to live in the area and are currently housed outside of the area in poorly maintained, expensive and short-term insecure private sector rentals. The group seeks to design environmentally sustainable buildings and retrofit historic buildings to maximise energy efficiency, using local builders, contractors and materials wherever possible. Truro CLT prioritises design features focused on innovative and creative ideas combined with ease of access, revitalising the city centre and building community cohesion between those who live and work in Truro.

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Logeo Seine (OFS)

LOGEO Seine is a social housing company which owns, manages and develops social housing properties in the Seine-Maritime region. In order to safeguard the core social mission of LOGEO Seine, it began engaging the Organisme de Foncier Solidaire (OFS) model, which makes use of the tool of Bail Réel Solidaire (BRS)

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