Multimodal Urban Day in Lille - photos and video recap available

On Friday September 24, 2021, Ports de Lille welcomed around fifty guests to the Center Multimodal de Distribution Urbaine (CMDU) for the Urban Multimodality Day.

On this occasion, participants were able to attend a demonstration of innovative solutions for multimodal and low-carbon urban logistics.

Urban logistics faces many challenges related to the growth of e-commerce, congestion of roads and traffic, pollution and road insecurity. Ensure supply of the city while reducing the environmental impact has become a major challenge for communities public and transport and logistics professionals. To achieve this, coordination between all actors involved in urban distribution planning is essential.

With their regional and European partners, Ports de Lille and Urby Lille are committed to promote multimodal urban logistics and test innovative solutions to integrate the waterway in supplying the M├ętropole de Lille. A mission supported by the European Commission (DG Regio and Interreg) and an ambition welcomed by all participants of Urban Multimodality Day at Ports de Lille.

Please see the link to the press release below for more details.

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