Landfill mining policy workshop at :metabolon was a great success!

The RAWFILL workshop in landfill mining policies was held on October 22, 2019 in Lindlar (Germany) at the :metabolon site.

More than 20 people from France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands visited the landfill infrastructure and also learned about the waste treatment in the region. Fermentation and composting, collection and sorting of recyclables, waste logistics and deposition of inter incineration waste from the region is done at the Waste Management Centre on Leppe Landfill.

During the site visit the different geophysical methods used to provide more information on the landfill and its content were demonstrated.

In the afternoon session discussions on landfill mining policy were held.

At this moment there is no legislation on landfill mining in Europe, but the EU states that it is not prohibited if the current legislation is followed. This is also the case for France, Wallonia and the Netherlands. Only in Flanders landfill mining was recently mentioned in the legislation (dd October 2019).

Green Deals, brownfield covenants and other regional initiatives try to support landfill mining project but it is clear that a real European legislation on landfill mining would support the implementation on landfill mining projects.

This legislation should also include the end of waste criteria for material coming out of the landfill, to allow that landfills can contribute to the circular economy.


You can find the presentations below.

Legal requirements for landfill mining and aftercare in Germany

The landfill of Onoz and the Green Deal in Wallonia

Landfill Aftercare in Wallonia - Legal aspects

Flemish legislation and policy on landfill mining

Legal requirements in France and advantage of landfill mining for authorized landfill

Landfill management in the Netherlands -  Dutch policy regarding landfill mining

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