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At this moment existing landfills inventories are incomplete; they do not include suitable datasets related to dormant resources that would allow investors to robustly assess the opportunity of launching profitable landfill mining operations for a specific landfill site. RAWFILL aims to provide supporting evidence through its Enhanced Landfill Inventory Framework (ELIF) . 

In order to better define RAWFILL ELIF and to design the landfill decision support tool which fulfills to your needs, we are currently gathering and summarising the structures of as many existing landfill inventories we can receive. We are interested in all  information related to landfill inventories that can be found in several countries, regions and organisations. 

We do not need to receive the data themselves, but only the data structure, i.e. all the fields that are used to characterize a landfill in a database as its type, location, depth, volume, geological context, nature of buried wastes, etc.    

You can find a template with needed information here and send it to us.

Do you need more information, please send an e-mail to us.

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