Business support report: Re-Vert

As part of the TRANSFORM-CE project, several case studies will be done to assess the conditions that foster the uptake of recycled plastic feedstock in (new) products. This document covers the results of the case study at Re-Vert, based in France. A total of 20 case studies will be done, each representing one product to be (re)designed with recycled plastic. In depth support will be given to five cases per country (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom).

The feasibility study revealed that a 3D printing filament of good quality could indeed be prepared from transparent PMMA show-room glass lenses. This offers a way for valorisation of an easily collectible waste flow of single-use technic plastics, that is for the moment only collected as residual domestic waste and therefore not valorised. Such a recycled filament could be the first of its kind on the market.

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