2 UP STRAW investments in an international building contest

The Green Solutions Awards powered by Construction21.org is a contest. It is the concrete embodiment of all statements on ecological transition: it promotes already existing solutions, integrated in buildings, districts and infrastructures.

This 2021 edition is rich in innovative, exemplary, but also replicable projects that are already paving the way for the cities of tomorrow. The competition is gathering 192 participants, including 148 buildings, 29 infrastructures, and 15 districts.

Professionals from all over the world have responded to Construction21’s call. Twenty-five countries are represented: some well-known such as Belgium, China, France, Germany, Morocco, Spain (corresponding to Construction21’s platforms), and some unusual and even new ones like Benin, Canada, Moldova, Russia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

The candidates provide their peers with a broad overview of global know-how of the sector. They will first compete at a national level, before being confronted for the international final.

All of these exemplary projects can be discovered at any time on www.construction21.org. The candidates from other platforms will progressively be translated and published in English.


If you want to promote straw construction, vote for

The Bale House


and the Cluster Eco-construction Office



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