540 m2 straw walls plastered with clay in Benedictine Abbey

In the straw-insulated house St. Wunibald of the Benedictine Abbey Plankstetten, the company Berschneider GmbH makes the clay plaster. Managing Director Günter Berschneider gave an interview answering many questions about this construction phase.

Has your company plastered with clay on straw before?
No, we have never plastered straw insulated walls.

What is the total area that will be plastered and how many spaces are there?
We plastered a total of 39 rooms with a total plaster area of 540m².

Which plaster is used?
Claytec products are used for the construction project. The base plaster (clay base plaster with straw coarse-grained) was applied in three layers. After that, a full-surface fabric filler was applied with the same material.

What are your experiences in plastering the straw insulated walls?
There are a few things to consider when plastering clay on straw such as the plaster thicknesses of each layer as well as drying times. Humidity and proper ventilation play a major role. If all this is taken care of, the plaster will work beautifully and stick well to the straw.


The entire interview with more information and interesting pictures you will find clicking on the linked PDF.

Photos: Lorenz Märtl

Interview with plastering expert Günter Berschneider

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