Large attendance at construction site visit in the German monastery

About 60 people interested in construction, building experts and journalists participated in a construction site tour at Plankstetten Monastery.

🎤After the welcoming speech of the building project responsible Frater Andreas Schmidt OSB, also Manfred Bogner, the responsible master carpenter as well as Benedikt Kaesberg, the German project manager of the Interreg project UP STRAW, presented the pioneer building and its structural features.

The visitors then walked in small groups through the shell of the building, which is to house the Abbot-Maurus kindergarten as early as September. Next spring, the entire building will be inaugurated, including its 30 new guest rooms and the parish office.

👷At present, the application of the second layer of clay plaster, among other things, is taking place on the construction site. Three employees of the Berschneider company gave a live demonstration of the plaster application to the interested guests.

🎥 At the end of the event, the guests were shown the new image film of the wood-straw-building Haus St. Wunibald.

Photos: Lorenz Märtl

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