Future building of the Eco-construction Cluster: planning permission granted!

As a reminder, our new offices and co-working space will be located within the Ecolys zoning in Suarlée. The construction technique and materials will of course be "eco", since we will find here a wooden structure insulated with straw. A combination that guarantees construction quality, comfort and a healthy atmosphere.This project is the result of the collaboration of the European Project Vb NWE UP STRAW, with the architectural office Hélium3, the wood frame company Mobic, the company Havresac and the Homeco design office.

Next step ? The start of the construction site, as soon as the sanitary situation allows it. We will of course keep you informed step by step of the evolution of this construction. In the meantime, we let you discover the illustrations presenting the building from its different angles. Discover also the video of the project of the future building of the Cluster!

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