Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

The MOOC "Building for change - Naturally" is a distance learning course written and designed by UP STRAW partners in English and French. It is hosted on the French learning platform Bâtiment durable. 

This free training course, which is open to everyone for 6 weeks, covers the origins of straw building, the performance of this natural material, the management of a construction project and much more. This course enables anyone, familiar with the world of construction, to discover or improve their knowledge of straw building techniques.

2 clicks, 6 weeks of training, 3 hours per week

The learner goes to the Bâtiment durable platform, registers for the MOOC "Building for change - Naturally" and finds 6 sequences, each comprising 3 to 4 modules:

Sequence 1: Inspirations and origins

Sequence 2: Straw as a building material

Sequence 3: Construction method

Sequence 4: Building physics

Sequence 5: Finishes

Sequence 6: Project management

At the end of the MOOC, a general test validates the knowledge acquired and provides the learner with a certificate of achievement. This is a first on the platform, since this MOOC is bilingual English/French and the audience of this course will be extended to all the partner countries of the UP STRAW project.

Register for the MOOC Building for change - Naturally

 > Registration period: from 7 September to 13 November 2020

> Training period: from 5 October to 27 November 2020

Click here: Bâtiment durable platform

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