News from the working groups

  • Working Group Teaching / Pierre PINTARD (FR) / Eileen SUTHERLAND (UK):
    The Working Group Teaching developed a program of a day of raising awareness intended for the schools of architects and engineers who being tested in the various partner countries of the project. Every partner finalized teaching aids which will be used in every country and mutualized on a collaborative platform.
    Experience feedback will be realized to mutualize our experiences, move forward together on the project and finalize a strategy to develop short, long and on-line trainings in every country and in the European scale.
  • Working Group Market development/ Nicolas RABUEL (FR) / Hugues DELCOURT (BE):
    The group realized an inventory of the constructions by country (UK, DE, BE, NL and FR).
    These forms are based on the questions of the French platform which informs the panorama of the constructions and the professionals about the French sites.

    The group also began to analyze the market of the construction generally. To know the average costs of the construction in the various countries. As well as other elements which allow us to see how the straw bale construction is situated on the market of the construction of the various countries.
  • Working Group Long-Term Effects / Mickaël VERGER (FR) / Luc FLOISSAC (FR):
    Integrating straw in the BIM standard library
    The straw being a product stemming from local and not industrialized sectors. It does not have the same tools as those who market manufactured goods for the building. The group worked on the BIM* to establish a program which allows to give to the straw bale construction these tools and to put it on an equal footing with the other sectors.
    This project consists of the creation of a BIM standard library of the representative typical walls of the main constructive systems of the various European countries.
    These have to integrate into their elements the parameters necessary for various uses of the BIM.
    The BIM standard library will be open source.
    BIM* : Building Information Modeling

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