Press conference in House St. Wunibald with site visit and fire test

On 23.09.2021 the reponsible monk Brother Andreas, his planners and the craftsmen reported to many press representatives on their experiences in the building process.

For everyone involved in the construction of House St. Wunibald, it was the first timber-straw building - and then a three-storey multi-purpose building of the "special construction" building class. Even though there were some challenges to overcome, they all agreed that they would definitely build with straw again.


😀During the guided tour through the shell of the building, Frater Andreas Schmidt presented, the first demo room, which is already furnished with furniture from the monastery's own wood and has a straw viewing window. The planned 30 new single rooms will be completed by the end of the year.


🔨Next, Benedikt Kaesberg, head of Intereg's UP STRAW project, built a bale of straw into a prefabricated compartment to demonstrate the fire resistance power of straw.  

👍This fire test made it clear why straw in its compacted form is classified as "normally flammable" (just like wood). The straw in the test module smouldered for 1.5 hours without the fire being able to penetrate the bale. Only the loose stalks caught fire at the beginning, which would not be the case with a normal wall that is always plastered or clad.


Fotos: by Lorenz Märtl

Group foto:
Those involved in the project of the wooden straw bale building Haus St. Wunibald (from left to right): Ulrich Bauer (natürlich-baubio-logisch GmbH), Benedikt Kaesberg (Project Manager UP Straw), master carpenter Manfred Bogner (Bogner Holzbau GmbH), architect Robert Härtl (hirner & riehl Architekten und Stadtplaner), Frater Andreas Schmidt OSB (representative of the building owners), Mayor Ludwig Eisenreich (City of Berching) and Stefan Lerzer (Büro Lerzer ING + Plan GmbH).

Press release in German of Sept 23rd, 2021

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