Sporthal de Roomley (NL) wins innovation award

Sporthal de Roomley in Udenhout is one of the 5 winners of the sports accommodation innovation prize. The hall has been completely rebuilt in recent years and was delivered in August 2020. De Roomley is a sustainable building where everyone can play sports in a healthy environment.

Unique to De Roomley is its insulation. Using a new technique, straw has been blown into the façade as a circular insulation material. The renovation is part of UP STRAW, a European cooperation project. In making the building more sustainable, the overall picture was also taken into account. The outdoor space of the sports hall and the plans for the neighbourhood were also considered. These include parking plans, climate-adaptive design of the area and sustainable generation of heat and cold. In addition, old gym materials were sustainably reused. An old bouncer was transformed into a team table, gymnastics mats were used for a new seat and the letters of the old façade lighting were used for playful interior lighting. With 'zero to the meter', gasless, solar panels and a heat pump installation, the building is completely ready for the future.

Healthy sports for everyone

The athletes also benefit from these sustainability measures. The building materials and elements ensure low toxicity and low natural radiation levels. The temperature regulation in summer and winter ensures a constant sports climate. Thus, the building offers a healthy sports environment. Volleyball, indoor football, handball and korfball are among the sports practised in De Roomley.

De Roomley is wheelchair accessible. And everyone can relax during and after sports in the 'Healthy sports canteen'. This canteen received the 'silver certificate healthy sports canteen'.

Innovation Award

The innovation award is an initiative of the Branchevereniging Sport en Cultuurtechniek (BSN), Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten, NOC*NSF, Sportinnovator and the Vakbeurs Sportaccommodaties.

With this award, the initiators emphasise the importance of knowledge sharing and promotion of innovations in the sports sector, aimed at the construction, maintenance and management and exploitation of sports facilities. On 22 April, the five winners will present their project during an online session in front of a panel of three experts. The panel members will decide which innovations will receive one or more vouchers, to be used by the BSNC, Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten, NOC*NSF or Sportinnovator.


The video below gives an idea of the sustainability.

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