Sports hall Municipality of Tilburg made sustainable with straw

Article Brabants Dagblad (translated)

Friday January 26th 2018, Udenhout

New Sports Hall is durable flagship:
From energy consumer to sustainable building
Fear of parking problems, concerns about light, but also enthusiasm. The metamorphosis of the new sustainable sport Hall De Roomley gave, during an information evening, enough energy for discussion.
Not everyone, who lives around The Sports Hall Roomley in Udenhout, came last night at the information evening of the community, held in connection with the renovation. The work must start after April.
The local residents who came, expressed their concern about inconvenience caused by construction traffic and parking problems. "There is already too little parking near the Hall', says a neighbour. There is also enthusiasm. The Hall is more contemporary. 'Fine' says a neighbour, but there is also care about light, from the hall towards the houses in front of the building. The municipality promises to organise an information evening with the contractor who will be selected for the project,
The fa├žade of The Roomley facing towards the Groenvelde is a glass wall, 2.95m high surmounted by a bronze-coloured facade of bio based material. The closed part of the facade is insulated with compressed straw. In the new Roomley the existing main hall and small Hall will be connected with the open space.
There are dressing rooms on the first floor. The canteen goes away and returns in front of the main hall, with also a view on the street. At the position of the old canteen comes a green area, about seven metres in depth. The space in front of the Hall is three metres wider. That space will be redesigned with trees and smaller green, reaching for more connection with the park "Ter-Roomley" lying behind the building.
European subsidies
The municipality wants to remain the Hall open, during the renovation, which lasts a year. In May 2019, Sports Hall Roomley must have been transformed into a sustainable Sports Hall, that uses 8o percent less energy. And solar panels will be installed on the roof.
The college of mayor and alderman has already agreed. And on February 5th , the Council will decide.
The Hall is the first Sports Hall in The Netherlands which will be renovated with straw. The plan is made possible thanks to an European co-funding of 350,000 euro ).

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