Yearbook 2019 : Blown-in-straw technique

Straw building techniques that use straw bales will, inevitably, give a minimal wall thickness related to the bale size.  In the sports hall renovation project at Tilburg, with 1 000 m² wall, this could lead to higher costs and performance than required.  An Austrian farmer was making modifications to an existing baling machine that would produce straw bales at the required size.  This could be the solution to building a wall of the correct thickness.  However we also learned they were producing straw to be blown in. With blown-in straw the wall dimensions are much freer and more customisable than with bales.

This article comes from The Netherlands.

This is a technical article explaining the decision for blown-in-straw technique for the renovation of a sports hall.

Blown-in-straw technique

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