Corner stone ceremony with Minister of State Kerstin Schreyer in Benedictine monastery

Plankstetten, Bavaria, Germany

11 July 2020 - 11 July 2020

On the high feast of St. Benedict, the patron saint of Europe and founder of the Benedictine order, the foundation stone for the new building "Haus St. Wunibald" was laid in the Benedictine abbey in Plankstetten.

In the speech of the Bavarian Minister of State for Housing, Construction and Transport, Kerstin Schreyer, she spoke of how well this construction project combines the preservation of values, monument protection and sustainability. "At such a historically significant location as the Plankstetten Monastery, the new building with wood and straw represents both tradition and modernity - a real showcase project."

In the speech of Benedikt Kaesberg, head of the EU project UP STRAW, he highlighted the excellent values in the life-cycle analysis of straw as a building material. "Straw bale construction contributes like hardly any other construction method to protecting the climate, because straw binds CO2 during growth, requires hardly any energy during production and, as excellent thermal insulation, avoids CO2 emissions by reducing heating requirements."

After the speeches, Minister of State Kerstin Schreyer, together with Abbot Dr. Beda M. Sonnenberg OSB, architect Robert Härtl and Mayor Ludwig Eisenreich, laid the foundation stone in the entrance area of the new multi-purpose building and carefully tapped the memorial slab prepared by stonemason Stefan Regnet with a mason's hammer.

After the ceremony numerous guests took the opportunity to personally view the prefabrication of the wall elements made of wood and straw. This is currently taking place in the workshops of the commissioned carpentry company Holzbau Bogner GmbH in Seubersdorf/Freihausen.

Press release_Cornerstone ceremony in Plankstetten with Bavarian Minister of State

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