Modernising health services

European health care systems are asked to gain in efficiency and sustainability as they are faced with financial constraints, a continually ageing population and a rise in chronic diseases.

These changes are leading to the creation of new job roles. Indeed, from 2013 to 2025, health sector employment is expected to grow an average of 9% in North-West Europe (NWE). Over this period, over 2 million job openings are foreseen in France and over 1.7 million in the UK, with an increasing need for technical and e-skills, and thus high-level qualifications.

NWE health projects aim to improve the technology readiness level of products and bring them closer to the market thanks to collaboration of all actors, from research institutions and enterprises to healthcare professionals and patients, in the framework of transnational cooperation.

From mental health to heart failure, from bone regeneration to rehabilitation medicine, 10 projects support SME growth and competitiveness, but also patient empowerment through the development of digital tools (such as mobile applications or 3D implants) and the uptake of solutions, in line with the European Commission's eHealth Action Plan.

10% of our projects for the 2014-2020 period focus on health; all of them are financed under the Innovation priority.

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