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The Interreg NWE Programme is committed to delivering tangible results that contribute to improving the economic, environmental, social and territorial development of the North-West Europe region.

Our projects help solve common challenges and bring benefits to the citizens of regions and cities across the area. The Programme not only supports projects to achieve their expected impact but also dedicates strong efforts to identifying best practices and showcase successful project stories.

In this section you can find the main facts and figures of the most successful topics addressed by the Programme and discover how Interreg NWE projects are making the difference on the ground.

Facts and Figures

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NWE making an impact! - Cooperation in action

The new Interreg North-West Europe publication "NWE making an impact - Cooperation in action" provides a summary of all projects, showcases specific results and demonstrates the positive impact of transnational cooperation on the NWE territory.

This publication was produced under the scope of the NWE Programme's Capitalisation Strategy, which aims at maximising the impact from projects as well as ensuring long term benefits for NWE and Europe as a whole.

NWE making an impact! - Highlights

In December 2019 in Tourcoing (FR), 370 participants were brought together to showcase the most advanced of our 95 projects and the impact of their transnational collaboration in the most concrete way.

In this publication, we capture the highlights of this very rich and inspiring event.

Success stories

Decarbonising deliveries with Smart Track 4 Waterway

The Smart Track 4 Waterway project proposes a management solution for shipment by inland waterway transport, providing small stakeholders with a simpler and cheaper access to secure data

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Making bridges "circular" with biomaterials

Since April 2022, thanks to the support of Interreg North-West Europe, a surprising new application of flax was inaugurated in Almere (NL): a brand-new pedestrian bridge!

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The Chicken or the Egg? How preventive parasite treatment keeps poultry healthy

An interview with Nathalie Sleeckx, who is the lead partner of the Interreg NWE MiteControl project, whose aim is to make the egg industry more sustainable by ensuring animal health and welfare.

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Restoring the carbon storage capacity of peatlands

Katrien Wijns is in charge of coordinating the Interreg NWE Care-Peat project which focuses on peatland restoration. In this interview, she explains the importance of restoring peatlands as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and presents the impact Care-Peat has already achieved.

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Interview with Mathieu Wuyts, Project Manager Mobility/H2-Share

Mathieu Wuyts, Project Manager at WatersofNet, presents the outcomes of the Interreg NWE H2share project and its positive impact on the decarbonation of transport.

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Better than recycling? Repairing!

Some of us might feel like they do their part when they recycle. However, repair and reuse come before recycling in the circular economy model as they positively impact the environment. This is why the Interreg NWE SHAREPAIR project ‘Digital Support Infrastructure for Citizens in the Repair Economy’ has been working on promoting those eco-friendly practices.

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Cooperation: a key enabler for water management in NWE

ith a growing demand on water resources innovative technology can play an important role in creating a space for using water resources more efficiently and effectively, reducing waste, lowering energy usage and recovering useful materials. In this interview, Ruth McNeil from Scottish Water Horizons Limited (UK) and Lead Partner of the Water Test Network (WTN), presents her view on innovation in the water sector and how the project supports SMEs in testing, demonstrating and developing new products for the industry.

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The dawn of the (Hydro)generation

From sustainable heating to green garbage trucks

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Holy cow!

How Interreg NWE helps the dairy sector strive towards sustainability

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Golden tickets to the ocean energy factory

How NWE vouchers support marine energy to exploit its potential with strategic real sea testing

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Bringing a greener agriculture to the spotlight

An interview with Stef Laurijssen, Lead Partner of the UV-ROBOT project

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Cooperation at its best: Interreg NWE showcases its hydrogen projects at EUSEW

Interreg NWE co-organised the session "Boosting the hydrogen economy through international cooperation" on 25th June.

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A more energy-efficient North-West Europe

Although the North-West Europe area is considered as one of the most dynamic and prosperous areas of the European Union, households from some regions still face severe difficulties in affording their energy bills or suffer from a lack of adequate energy services at home.

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Achieving solid sustainability

Transnational cooperation as a key enabler for implementing circular practices in North-West Europe's construction sector.

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Unlocking the power of technology for better mental health

While digital tools are often rightly blamed for bearing a responsibility in the development of medical conditions such as anxiety or depression, technology provides us with opportunities to help monitor our mental health.

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Programme Newsletter

Issue July 2022

In this issue of the seasonal NWE newsletter, discover the results from the NWE call 1 step 1! Get ready for call 2 and save the date for our Project Ideas Forum. You can also check out our 2021 citizens' summary and get inspired by our projects' success stories.

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Issue February 2022

Interreg North-West Europe is pleased to announce its first call for proposals for the 2021-2027 programming period, opening on 22 March and closing on 15 June 2022. Potential applicants can start preparing now by checking some of our preliminary documents to get a grasp on Programme expectations.

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Issue September 2021

This issue of the seasonal NWE newsletter presents our upcoming session at the EURegionsWeek, our REGIOSTARS finalist - the RegEnergy project, updates on the future NWE Programme, as well as success stories from our projects.

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Issue February 2021

This issue presents our stakeholder consultation in the framework of the future NWE Programme task force, our upcoming online networking events, and includes a featured video, as well as success stories from our projects.

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Issue October 2020

This issue presents our upcoming 2nd call for capitalisation and its related webinar on 5th Nov, introduces the new NWE Programme Director, and includes a featured video, as well as success stories from our projects.

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Issue July 2020

This issue introduces our upcoming 2nd call for capitalisation, presents examples of adaptation to the pandemic from our projects, and includes videos, as well as our media presence.

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Issue April 2020

On the first issue of the NWE Programme newsletter you will find the most recent activities of the programme, impact stories from projects, videos, and our media presence.

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