The second webinar in the EBA 'Biogas Lab webinar series'


The second webinar in the EBA 'Biogas Lab webinar series' was on Wednesday 10 February from 15:30 to 17:30 CET. During the event, the latest practice-oriented research tackling the biogas value chain was presented. Along with that, experts from the industry were showcased innovative technologies enhancing the environmental performance of the biogas plants and new processes to scale up renewable gas production. The ALG-AD project was presented by Dr Alla Silkina
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L’exposition ALG-AD à la ferme expérimentale de Derval

, France

L’exposition ALG-AD à la ferme expérimentale de Derval (44) présentée à l’Assemblée générale de l’AC3A, devant les 27 présidents et directeurs des Chambres d’agriculture membres du réseau Le 8 octobre dernier, l'Assemblée générale de l'AC3A a réuni les représentants des Chambres d'agriculture membres de l’association. Au cœur des discussions : l'innovation, avec un focus sur plusieurs projets européens dont le projet ALG-AD dédié à la culture de microalgues à partir de digestat.
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ALG-AD at the World Biogas Summit 2020, 6-8th of October

, Online

Dr Alla Silkina and Professor Lynsey Melville presented ALG-AD in the Research and Innovation hub at the World Biogas Expo 2020 this week. Information about our work was shared with an international audience, including the latest results on digestate processing, algal cultivation and the exciting compounds found within the algae grown on digestate. Lynsey also talked about the Decision Support Tools, which are being developed to enable stakeholders to explore the potential of microalgae in relation to their own AD scenarios, and requested feedback and input from any interested stakeholders . If any interested AD plant managers or farmers with onsite AD wish to get in touch to discuss the potential of ALG-AD, we welcome you to get in touch, either through individual team members, our social media channels, or via Project manager, Louise Hall –
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, Virtual open day of Langage AD pilot, Devon, UK

The ALG-AD team will be holding an open day at Langage AD for interested stakeholders. It will be an opportunity to share our expertise on our solution to valorise excess digestate, by growing algae. And it offers an opportunity to introduce more people to the decision support toolset which is under development. The event will take place on 29th June 2020, and will be a virtual event which can be attended online. Please ensure this date is placed in your diary and let us know of your interest by contacting Alla SILKINA at :
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EBA Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) Webinar "Research agenda on biogas in Europe”

, Online webinar

EBA organised a Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) Webinar "Research agenda on biogas in Europe” as an anchor point for biogas research in Europe. the aim of this event was to bring research institutes closer to stakeholders from other sectors (industry, policy) through the EBA channels, so that involved actors can better identify and benefit from emerging opportunities (workshops, conferences, dissemination tools, project proposals, etc.) The ALG-AD project was presented by Pr Carole Llewellyn and shared the latest results from industrially installed pilots.
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