Study trip in Rennes

France - Rennes

8 June 2023 - 9 June 2023

For two days, the reuse meeting brought together around fifty people from all over France to discuss a range of issues raised by reuse today. They allowed rich exchanges between public contracting authorities, prescribers and actors of reuse.

 Discover the program for these two days and download the resource documents below ! 



Thursday 8 June 2023 - Round table at Les Halles en Commun
Who are the players in re-use?

The afternoon included a presentation of the Halles project by Laurent Hamon, elected representative of the Metropole (Waste and Circular Economy), and a tour of the Bâti Récup' warehouse. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to a round-table discussion moderated by Victor Meesters (Rotor), bringing together a panel of 5 players in the field of re-use with very varied profiles, representing the wide range of companies specialising in this vast field:
Bruno Cottier - Emmanuel Morel - Margaux Saulnier - Laetitia Pamart - Sarah Fruit.

Friday 9 June 2023 - FCRBE visit and presentation at Hôtel Pasteur

How to set targets for re-use in new projects?

The second day of the Reuse meeting took place at the Hôtel Pasteur, a former science faculty in the heart of Rennes that has been reinvested since 2012 and is now home to the Pasteur nursery school and the Pasteur edulab. The morning began with a guided tour of the building led by Guillaume Jouin Trémeur, architect for Encore Heureux during the renovation period.

The rest of the morning was devoted to a presentation by Michael Ghyoot (Rotor) on the method developed by the FCRBE project for "setting, monitoring and communicating recovery and reuse rates". This workshop, aimed in particular at contracting authorities and specifiers, provided an opportunity to address recurring questions.  


Download the report of the study trip in Rennes

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