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Investigation of Oxyfuel Combustion on Engine Performance and Emissions in a DI Diesel Engine By Raouf Mobasheri & Abdel Aitouche & Boualem Bakir, Department of Energies, Electricity and Automatic, CRIStAl-HEI – Yncréa HdF, Using oxyfuel combustion enables the increasingly expensive and complicated NOx after-treatment systems to be completely eliminated. It also offers good fuel economy and very low levels of particulate emissions. However, using pure oxygen instead of air, will accelerate the combustion process. With the heat release rate dramatically increased, it takes much shorter time to complete the entire heat release process. With such a high heat release rate, the flame temperature is expected to increase by around 500-800K. This necessitate a set of countermeasures to avoid overheating problems. Read More

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CARBON CAPTURE AND USAGE (CCU): CONVERTING WASTE CO2 INTO USEFUL PRODUCTS Seeking out profitable pathways to high-value added chemicals and materials made from the unwanted gas By the Laboratory of Sustainable Chemistry and Health, Yncréa Hauts-de-France: Alina GHINET, Adrian NICA & Germain HOMERIN Read More