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Construction of the CNCP's sustainable building training centre (FR) #9

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Here is the latest site notebook, the culmination of many months of work, coordination and unexpected events: #9 The official inauguration of the new Training Centre A successful evening: nearly 80 people joined us to celebrate these training spaces, which represent a development tool for the Centre-Val de Loire region. Our partners and supporters were there to demonstrate their continuing commitment. Many thanks again! Read More

Evaluation of sports hall the Roomley – Tilburg investment (NL)

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As part of the project to renovate the Roomley sports hall, a report was drawn up to present the results of the building's energy performance. Result energy performance By using circular materials and improved integrated energy concepts, the building could be disconnected from the gas distribution network. The building largely generates its own energy through PV panels and is heated and cooled by means of a so-called heat pump installation. This more sustainable generation is possible because the use of straw as an insulation material has made an essential contribution to improving the complete insulation value of the building. This can be explained by the use of PV panels, the reuse of materials and the application of biobased materials. It also concerns renovation, which means that the profit on the first strategy is much greater than with new construction. The use of biobased building materials results in a much better score on the themes of environment, energy and especially health. By consciously choosing bio-based applications, we get healthier buildings and healthier products. Read More

ESBG 2023 Denmark

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As part of ESBG 2023, European straw construction meetings, a number of results from the UP STRAW project will be presented, including : Straw Bale House Database European cooperation is continuing, strengthened by projects in various countries, discussions on the reconstruction of Ukraine and enriching exchanges... Read More